Poggio Lucina, an ambitious project by the Di Donato brothers.

Poggio Lucina was born of an ambitious project by the Di Donato brothers who are proud to belong to a true farming family that spans generations and, united by their passion for their land, decide to expand their property in 2002 with the addition of seven hectares of vineyards in the Montalcino area. Here Poggio Lucina wines, Brunello and Rosso di Montalcino, acquire body and taste from intense flavours and pleasant aromas, fruit of fine vineyard management and expert work in the cellar with absolute respect for the tradition and authenticity of their origins. At the winery not far from the centre of town, it will be Evelise, daughter and legacy of the family tradition, who will welcome you for tastings and tours and will share in each glass all the purity and candour of the wines from Poggio Lucina, where rough and strong hands are genuine hallmarks of quality.